Thursday, September 22, 2011

When will the day come?

I am so SICK of watching wonderful, beautiful lives be washed away by drugs, by heroin. There is so much love in the world. So much love for you. I just wish and pray and hope that one day you will see this and know that YOU ARE LOVED. You CAN break free. Don't let the ones that you love know the broken heart that I know. Don't let them know what it means to lose.... you.

Oh, the potential that you have... it is special and priceless. Just hold on. Hold on for one more day. And when tomorrow comes, hold on just a little tighter. If you are reading this, I love you. I believe in YOU. You are wonderful. Don't give in, not today. Not ever.

Imagine that my love is holding you tight. My love is never going to let you go... If you are reading this and need help, I am here for you. The ones that love you are right by your side. Don't give up on them, don't give up on yourself. You are special and mean the world to someone...

Just hold on for one more minute, one more hour, one more day. I believe in you!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

My buddy Keaton (and Ashlie!)..

..REALLY helped me out by letting me interview and photograph him for my Documentary Photography class. I don't know much about skate photography so I did the best that I could. I like them. We'll see what my instructor thinks.

An 8 am photo shoot with beautiful friends!

Dreamy, sad, youthful and lovely. That was the overall theme today. I love these! I have such gracious and beautiful friends!

Just a random, fun shoot!

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Something amazing and scary has happened to me...

I have found my life's calling as far as photography is concerned... Photojournalism. I walked into my Documentary Photography class and instantly fell in love. I never want the class to end.

Susan Cohen is my instructor. I have to admit, I feel intimidated by her. Yet, I can't help but want her to teach me and show me all that she knows about the world of photojournalism. I know that I belong in THAT world. Every day after class I reflect back on what we have talked about and I feel it in my bones that it is right.

I love to take beautiful photographs and I think that I do a pretty good job. I know that I am artistic and that I have vision. But at the end of the day whenever there is something that might be newsworthy in any shape or form I am there with my camera. Eric can attest to that! He hates it when I walk down the street at 1 am with my camera toward the flashing lights. And in this neighborhood it happens more times than not.

Anyway, I am determined. I know that I am shy and like to hide out in the back but I think that maybe sometimes that works to my advantage. And maybe it works against me. All that I really know is that I want to be out there photographing things that people turn a blind eye to. I want to photograph the world and all the people/places/animals/things in it!

The scariest part is getting out there and just doing it...