Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hey everyone my cutey boyfriend has a blog! Crazy, right? Check it out.

Eric's blog

Ps Eric's Halloween costume scared me into a real life SCREAM! Scary. I'll post pics after our Halloween Party.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Obviously I can get pretty down on myself. Thankfully today is a new day. I really want and need that stupid driver's license so I wont be giving up any time soon. I just wish I had someone to drive with right now. 

PS drinking myself into a coma was dumb. I should have just finished watching that lifetime movie and gone to bed. 

PSS I love you Eric. Thanks for not giving up on me and letting me give up on myself. Thanks to everyone actually. 

One day this will be me again!

Monday, October 20, 2008

I suck

Well I failed my third road test today. 26 years old and still not fit to drive. Apparently I drive too slow and I forgot how to parallel park. The guy that runs the place and his wife were nice. They tried to encourage me but I was already welling up with tears and I pretty much ran out of the office. Yeah, a lot of self loathing crying going on. I am downing some cookies that my friend Keri sent me. After they are gone I will drink myself into a coma. 

Eric says he will take me driving more. He wont let me give up, no matter how much I kick and scream. He wants me to take the test again next week. We'll see.

I dont get me some times. I can give two kids the chance at the happiest life in the world and survive the death of people that I care about but I cant get a high school diploma or a drivers license. WTF? Well, I guess Lee did only take me out driving once in a parking lot when I was 16. But still I know I only have myself to blame for sucking so much. 

I guess expect to see this probably forever...

Monday, October 13, 2008

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month

I know that I am a woman but I honestly never TRULY thought about breast cancer until recently. It wasn't until one of my life long friends told me that her mother has breast cancer. Her mother, who has always been like a second mother to me. Her mother, who has always been my friend. Her mother has breast cancer....

I love them both very much. I love their entire family very much. Here is a reason to run again.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Look what I just pulled from the garden! Three and a half bags full of ripe tomatoes, a bag of bell peppers, our last cucumber, a squash and my three butternut squash. We still have beets, jalapenos and all of Eric's other peppers to pick. I am going to miss the garden over the winter. It has been fun!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I dont know if I know that many people with blogs but I'll give it a whirl. 

1. I hardly ever wear socks with any of my shoes. And since I ride my bike a lot and am running around at work by the end of the day my feet could kill someone they smell so awful!

2. I dont have to shave my armpits. I grow one hair in my left arm that is easily plucked away. I dont know what I would do if I suddenly had to shave there. 

3. I have a crazy fear of mold and expired food. Going to the grocery store bugs Eric because of how crazy I can get. Check the expiration date, feel it, look at it, smell it... If its too close to the expiration date then I say no and feel like gagging even picking it up. If its been sitting in our cupboard or fridge for what I perceive to be too long I toss it or never eat it again. 

4. I dont have my high school diploma. Shame. It makes me feel inferior. It keeps me from getting awesome jobs and going to school. I was just a huge slacker and dropped out my SENIOR year. And now its 8 years later and I am still a slacker. But the good news is that I finally went and talked to someone that can help me get my high school diploma. He said that I could easily get my GED but I REALLY want that HS diploma. So I am doing packets and bustin my butt the best that I can so that I can finally get it over with. I am getting so close. 

5. Right along with number 4 I dont have my drivers license either. I have never had it. I have had my permit twice before. I aced the written part but failed both driving tests. They say third time is a charm and I think it might be. I have my permit and Eric and Andrea have been helping to get COMFORTABLE driving. And I know that I will have that soon too.  YAY!

6. I love Audrey Hepburn. She is the epitome of grace, elegance, beauty, intelligence, kindness and humor. I dont remember when I first knew about her but I do know that for as long as I can remember I have admired and looked up to her. The best compliments that I can remember are when I have been compared to her. 

7. When I see baby animals I turn to mush. I gush over them more than I do adorable babies and kids (except for Sky and Solee of course). You will often hear me say something stupid or silly when I see a baby kitten or duck. I think they are the cutest!

I tag:
4. Geno
5. Sam