Saturday, February 23, 2008

About art stuff

I'm an odd one. I paint and never show my paintings. I take pictures and never develop them. People often ask me to show them my stuff but I blow it off. I hardly have any of my art online. It just feels so weird to put all out there. That being said, I posted my favorite photo and painting any way.

I keep dreaming of selling my art and my photography. Its always on my mind. I didnt sell a painting last year. And while I took tons of pictures I never developed a roll. It makes me feel so sad. Its almost as though I have been denying myself the food and water I so desperately need to live. This year I will make up for that somehow.

Maybe I'll try and get a booth at the arts festival. Steve and his wife are always urging me to paint more so that they can buy more. Maybe I'll take them up on that. I've got my list of people that I can send my photos to, I just need to get them developed.